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Convergence 2012
What I learned
Posted on January 23, 2018 0 Comments

Convergence 2012 was a great first stab at publishing because I learned a great deal about self-publishing and how difficult it is to try and get your book out and find a way to do physical distribution deals… (In short you really can’t without the aid of a publisher.)

What is CONVERGENCE 2012

I started writing Convergence 2012 September of 2009. I had five days of odd dreams that made some fairly abstract connections between various myths and aliens. In the dreams, I dreamed of the beautiful Xanari as well as Kuthanaga.

Each day I would wake up and say, “Wow what a crazy dream.”

I figured the dreams would simply fade into oblivion as many dreams do… They did not. In fact, the dreams became more vivid and detailed. I decided to write a story and that is how Convergence 2012 was born. The follow-up novels are “2013 Aftermath” and “2014 the Truth” which are in development.

It’s 2011 and as the world inches closer to the 2012 Convergence, Tim Christenson, an addicted street thug attempts to rob the wrong man… Forced into a journey of epic consequences by the enigmatic Kuthanaga, Tim learns of the devastating fate in store for all of humanity and must come to terms with the sins of his past. Kuthanaga claims he will save one billion humans. The only problem: There’s nearly seven billion on the planet.

Many odd things occurred while Rob was writing Convergence 2012. I’ll be vague here so as not to introduce any spoilers.

Some examples are:
I decided on the title Convergence 2012 and hoped I’d be able to get a domain name that was close to the title but figured there was no way I’d get the exact title I wanted… Imagine my surprise when he found “” was available! (Additionally, and were as well…)

Locations I picked for some of the ‘exotic’ locations turned up in some of Edgar Casey’s predictions…

When picking random locations blindly for the story I came across a few that worked out well (better than I had hoped really) and was introduced to Canadian Native American Indians known as Kitigan Zibi and their legends of seven prophets, seven fires which worked well as a back-story.

The names of some of the character races turned out to be similar to actual races… For example Annukai and Anunnaki.

When trying to figure out if something was scientifically plausible in the story, I had a TV on in the background. Something caught my attention and I started watching as it showed a new discovery of what happens when stars dies and the explanation seemed to answer my question.

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