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The Sordid Adventures of Farook Fantook and Jizzy J
This is a dark, fun, insane trip!  I'm loving writing this!
Posted on January 23, 2018 0 Comments
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What can I say about The Sordid Adventures of Farook Fantook and Jizzy J?  This will most likely end up being self-published due to the fact that this is the most vulgar and crazy shit I have ever written.  People who thought the foul language of Convergence 2012 are going to lose their damn minds with this one.

So a little backstory about the story.

I had a crazy dream where I had this kid living with me and I was pissed at her cause of something horrible she did.  I recall a rage I have NEVER felt towards another person, let alone a kid who I was raising.  I realized in the dream I loved this kid like she was my own daughter and the shit coming out of her mouth wounded me deeply and that’s where the anger flowed from.

I was pissed cause she had a stupid ass street name… She was calling herself JIZZY J!!!!!  What the hell?  JIZZY J?!!!!!!!

In any event, the dream/nightmare progressed to the point where I left her and was heading home.  I saw two men carrying some dude dressed in a purple suit.  I was like “Yo!  What’s up with Purple Rain!?!!!” and they were blocking the way to my apartment.  I overheard their conversation as one does in dreams with super HD clarity.  They were letting him know he fucked up and wasn’t gonna be allowed in the cult anymore. (Cult?!!! I’m all interested now in their conversation).  He cries and laments that he won’t know how to live and that he really tired…  They continue the conversation.

“Look Farook, you had three chances.  You blew it.”

(Farook?  What kind of name is Farook, I thought to myself.)

“Yeah man, you’ll be fine.” said the other man carrying Farook.

They carried him down the hall and stopped midway and pressed the wall.  All the while I’m stuck following them cause there was no way to squeeze around them.

“Farook Fantook, will be fine.”


So the men turned to me, threw me a wad of cash and said I didn’t see or hear anything.  I smiled and nodded and as I passed by to head upstairs to my apartment yelled back “You’ll be good Farook Fantook!!!!”

When I woke up I frantically looked for something to jot notes down as I knew this was gonna be the beginning of a new book.  And that’s how “The Sordid Adventures of Farook Fantook and Jizzy J.” started.

I had a few other dreams related to FFAJJ and those dreams introduced me to Mr. Trouble and the powers that Farook has as well as more information and motivation of Jizzy J.

I’m up to page 110 and things have progressed nicely.


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