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The first book I wrote back in High School and how it might not make it out...
Posted on January 23, 2018 0 Comments
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The very first novel I ever wrote was called the Godkill and it started with an English assignment to write an opening that had the narrative hook and I worked really hard on it.  My teacher read it and smiled.  He made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.  I could either do the rest of the assignments all year long or I could continue writing my story.  I wanted to keep writing and he would read as I went.  He gave me an A for the class and kept encouraging me to write.  I finished the book before the year ended and he was really cool about it all.

I left high school and began my college life and it was hectic.  I would work on revisions and edits over the next couple of years but never did anything with the story.

Fast forward many years and a movie Dogma came out and I was like… Awe man there’s a few pieces which are remarkably similar.  I took a good hard look at the story after I pushed out Convergence 2012 and as I did realize there was a bunch of errors and continuity that didn’t work.  I would be required to rewrite half the book to make better sense and also mature it to the point it would be solid.

All in all, though the story was fun and it was nuts to look back on the first thing I wrote and laugh.  I’ll revisit this little baby later and try to salvage what I can since there are some good elements in the story.

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