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The final book of the Trilogy
Posted on January 23, 2018 0 Comments

Things started to get stressful on this one.  Lots of moving pieces.  Lots of strands to tie together.  I think overall all the pieces were addressed and a few were left out which will be resolved in the second trilogy.  So you’ll see what I mean when we roll into the next trilogy.

This had some really epic moments and introduction to some really cool concepts.  I hate being vague but at the same time need to make sure I don’t let the cat out of the bag.

There are some deeper meaning and things I do in these stories on purpose and one point I think is imperative for folks to understand is this: This is an alternate version of our Earth.  Some things are going to be very different than ours even if you remove the concept of people being able to use magic.

The teaser text for Book three:

Ethan’s freedom from Gabriel’s prison comes at a surprising cost and with his new role as King of Hell, Ethan is tasked with repairing the damage to the Earth and fighting back the Darkness which threatens everything and everyone from Heaven to Hell.  He rallies his friends as they confront a vast and seemingly indestructible enemy.  Mistakes of the past have taken a heavy toll and what will be the ultimate price for Redemption?  The final book of the Magic Really Sucks Trilogy will reveal what that cost is.

December 30th 2017:
MAGIC REALLY SUCKS, Book 3 finalized! Original rough draft: 102,681 words, Final draft 102,902 words.

I am seeking a Literary Agent and a publisher for this title.


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